Available courses

Available Courses

PharmD Training
As an independent contractor, it can be hard to work in a new system remotely off site. This training course is designed to walk you through how to p…
17 February 2014
Climate change, bigger than science
The audience for this course is University level science students with an interest in climate science and climate change. The aim is to give a broade…
10 September 2020
 Law in Intellectual Property Rights  Law in Intellectual Property Rights
 It is a wide concept and includes intellectual activities in fields such as industrial, literary, scientific and artistic. Copyright, trademark, …
9 June 2018
Case Study in Crossborder Litigation
Three distance-learning courses are offered on the e-learning platform of the Center for International Legal Studies. They are Introduction to the U…
13 June 2019
Time Management
This Time Management training course is designed to help participants develop their skills in time management to achieve more effective results in …
3 December 2019
Family and Educational Counseling
The ethics involved within pharmaceutical sales is built from the organizationalethics, which is a matter of system compliance, accountability an…
10 August 2019
Biotechnology is a part of Applied Biology, which simply stated, is the combination of biology with technology so as to alter cells for manipulation…
11 June 2019
Discovering Science
The Discovering Science program consists of five short online courses. Each course looks at how chemistry plays an important role in our everyda…
21 August 2020
Art History
Dave Froelich's course, imported from Moodleshare
8 October 2008
Tuck Everlasting Book Club
Students will read the book Tuck Everlasting.  While reading the book, students will participate in 7 literacy circle events. Students will pose que…
1 August 2016
Project Management
Project management involves the process of planning, organising, and managinga project from start to finish in order to achieve specific goals. …
10 August 2019
Management and Leadership
Personal development is an essential management skill. This online course will help you define your development needs and recognise opportunities for…
12 June 2019
Managing Public Money long course name long course name long
The public sector provides a wide range of important services to citizens, including healthcare, education, transport, policing, justice and defence.…
8 June 2018

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Google Summer of Code 2018 statistics part 1

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The latest version of the Moodle Mobile app is out now, available on Google Play and App Store, via download.moodle.org/mobile

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Try the Moodle Mobile app with a mobile-friendly course

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The latest version of the Moodle Mobile app is out now, available on Google Play and App Store, via download.moodle.org/mobile
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